aiming towards a sustainability vision in practice

5|06 and 29|08 - 4|09|2021
Aegina, GREECE



ECOWEEK celebrates this year its 15-year anniversary with a hybrid – virtual and in-situ – unique program of expert speakers and sustainable design workshops, that address the contemporary challenges and opportunities in historic heritage, sustainable tourism, circular economy practices, and sustainable design solutions and ideas in actual problems in real sites in Aegina, Greece. The event aims to engage professionals, young professionals and students in real-site projects and raise awareness locally and internationally on various aspects of sustainability. Innovative proposals by professionals, experts, and students, and through public participation with local residents and businesses, will be presented for implementation. Interdisciplinary sustainable design workshops will develop solutions on innovation, circular practices and public engagement.

This year, ECOWEEK joins the national celebrations of the 200-year anniversary of the establishment of the modern Greek State with Aegina as its first capital. This event brings a sustainability vision to the celebrations: the past meets a (sustainable) future. 

ECOWEEK is an NGO, established by architect and environmental expert Elias Messinas, with the passion to change people's habits and the mission to raise environmental awareness and to engage the public in promoting the principles of social and environmental sustainability through design. 

ECOWEEK workshops for young architects, landscape architects, communication, graphics and industrial designers, engage, train and empower in innovative practices and sustainable design, green buildings, and placemaking, and re-imagine and reshape public space. ECOWEEK  workshops initiate change in neighborhoods and cities, and empower young professionals.


ECOWEEK wishes to thank all the experts, partners, friends and others who have assisted tremendously in the preparation of this ECOWEEK event. A special thank you to: George Brown, Nikos Dermatas, Prof. Manolis Korres, Mairi Koukouli, Panagiotis Koukoulis, Konstantinos Kouskoukis, Petros Petritis, Antonios Polydorou, Yiorgos Skaltsiotis, and Aggela Talevi.

Learn more about ECOWEEK here.

"ECOWEEK experience is life-changing, eye-opening and empowering!" - past participants

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*participation optional and free of charge
*registration required
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All hours displayed are UTC/GMT+3 time zone (Athens, Greece time zone)

Online sessions take place through virtual meeting platforms 

Physical activities and events take place in Aegina, Greece

Program changes are expected

saturday 5  june________________________


11:00___Greetings by Despoina Kouinoglou | ECOWEEK Associate

                        Greetings by Yiannis Zorbas | Mayor of Aegina, Greece

                        Greetings & Introduction by Elias Messinas | ECOWEEK Founder

11:30___Panel Discussion on 'Smart Materials & Innovation and Zero Waste'

                         Moderators: Elias Messinas & Despoina Kouinoglou

> Konstantinos Giannakopoulos| Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos", Greece

> Katerina Novakova | Architect, PETMAT, Czech Republic

> Vaya Mitsiou, Katerina Chatziangelaki, Ηarry Kazas | Rhoeco Fine Organic Goods, Greece

> Aleksander Rajch | Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA), Poland

> Q&A | with speakers and the audience

12:30___Short Break

13:00___ Panel Discussion on ‘Smart Cities & Innovation & Environment’

                           In collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation

                           Moderators: Elias Messinas & Despoina Kouinoglou

> Ioannis Antonakis | Deputy Mayor of Environment, Alimos Municipality, Greece  

> Dr. Burcu Özdemir | Director of Smart City Dept., Municipality of Istanbul, Turkey 

> Natalia Pantelidou| Deputy Mayor of Public Works, Kalamaria Municipality, Greece

> Q&A | with speakers and the audience

sunday 29 august_______________________


*Physical event 

*Registration required

*Participation is optional

17:00___Sketching Session

                          Tutor: Elias Messinas, Architect | ECOWEEK

                          Starting Point: TBA

18:00___Architectural Tour in Selected Sites 'Flanerie en Egine'

                          Tutor: Anastasis Papadakis, Architect

                          Starting Point: TBA



O N L I N E  &  I N  S I T U  L E C T U R E S 

Free of charge __ registration required Register HERE

O N L I N E  W O R K S H O P S

AEGINA 2021 Workshops EARLY ( CLOSED ) ___ 45€

AEGINA 2021 Workshops LATE ( until 22|08 ) ___ 70€


AEGINA 2021 Workshops EARLY 1+1 ( CLOSED ) ___ 60€

AEGINA 2021 Workshops LATE 1+1 ( until 22|08 ) ___ 100€

*Physical activities in Aegina, Greece are free of charge Register HERE

* For the physical PUBLIC PARTICIPATION sessions on Sustainable Tourism (in Greek) Register HERE

Workshops suitable for students, young and established professionals in the disciplines of Architecture, Design, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Planning, Visual Communication and Graphic Design. Other professions may also join and experience working with these disciplines. Best for graduate or undergraduate students in second year on. Participation in the workshops requires a time commitment. Please allocate this time for yourself.


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